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IBM Connect 2013 Day -2

2013-01-28 12:41:16    |    Blog

It's the end of January, which means that it's time for Lotusphere again. Whoops! Sorry. It's time for IBM Connect, as there has been a name change. Nobody was too surprised about that, since not even Lotus Notes is called Lotus anymore. It's now IBM Notes. And the focus of the conference is no longer Notes, it's social business, on several technical platforms.

Greenland seen from the CockpitWe arrived in Orlando Friday night, local time. We flew from Oslo to Newark, a flight that took about 8 hours. However, I had a blast. First of all, the plane was only half full. So my boss and I had several rows of seats to ourselves in the back. Secondly, my cousin's husband was the pilot. I hadn't seen him in over twenty years, so we had a good long chat in the cockpit.

Yeah, I was in the cockpit! And I'm not ashamed to admit that it was pretty friggin' cool! Especially since I got to see Greenland through the viewport of the cockpit. The island was bathed in sunlight, and it was interesting to see the ice cap, with the odd mountain sticking out through several holes in the ice.

After another flight we arrived in a hot and humid Orlando. Just like last year, we went for dinner at Hooters. It's a fascinating place. The restaurant caters to every single male cliché in the book. There's sports on at least 30 TVs, they serve mostly grilled and/or deep fried food like chicken wings and there are loads of scantily clad young waitresses, with shorts so tight you can read their lips, and sweet little nothings that their almost wearing to cover everything below the cleavage. And when I say young, I mean Y-O-U-N-G.

Girls at Hooters

However, couples come for dates here. And both times I've been at Hooters, there have been children birthday parties with balloons, pizza, cake and 5-6 babes posing around the children for pictures. On this night a 12 year old was running from girl to girl, getting them to pose together with him while he hung on their shoulders with a huge horny grin. Can't blame him. At the age of 12 I would have had a constant erection in that place.

After a pitcher of beer I stumbled back to the hotel and fell asleep before my head hit the pillows. We've arrived!

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