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IBM Connect 2013 Day -1

2013-01-28 13:40:01    |    Blog

Read about Day -2 here

Dolphin hotel
I only got five hours of sleep. My stomach wasn't happy with me, and I was probably pretty jet lagged. So I stumbled out of bed and found the hotel's gym to lift some weights. A short download of a conversion tool on my Android later and I was able to work out with relatively the same weights as back home (lbs vs kilograms, you see).

We then picked up the charming women from IBM and hit the shopping malls in Orlando. I get bored of shopping pretty quickly. But I did buy a pair of jeans, a new track suit (which I was in severely need of), a new pair of bike glasses and a pair of Converse sneakers.

Batman Converse SneakersAnd they weren't just any ordinary pair of Converse sneakers, they were Batman Converse sneakers!

However, I tired of shopping long before the rest of the gang, so I placed myself by a fountain, where birds started using my shoulders for a landing pad (I kid you not). After pulling out a pocket book and a Pepsi Max and my earphones, I took in the wonderful weather and waited for the others to finish.

Of course, when you do that, the other shoppers you travel with will think of you as a person who will look after all their bags while they do some more shopping. So after a while I had a pretty big pile of bags in front of me.

To beat the rush of people registering on Sunday, we repeated the success of registering on Saturday. The Lotus brand is now truly dead. The complimentary Lotusph…sorry… IBM Connect rucksack is now all black. It's not even yellow on the inside.

In the evening we were treated to a three course meal by IBM Norway. And I found out that I don't like snapper. But the chocolate covered nougat ice cream more than made up for this. I went back to the hotel early, hoping to get rid of some of my sleep depravation. Especially since the jump start sessions started the next day.




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