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IBM Connect 2013 Day 0

2013-01-28 14:30:15    |    Blog

You can read about Day -1 here and Day -2 here

Once again I only got five hours of sleep. No idea why, this has never happened to me before when going to the US. So I got up very early and did an 8 km run in the Lake Buena Vista area. After breakfast it was time for a day full of sessions.

Yes, even though the official opening isn't until Monday, Sunday is filled with sessions called Jump Sessions. I'll give you a breakdown of them all and my opinions of them:

(If you want to skip the technincal babble, go down here

JPM101: Xpages Jumpstart
I've been thinking about learning Xpages for quite some time. I've been playing around with it a bit, but not much. So I visited this session to get some more introduction to this.

Xpages is all the rage in the Notes/Domino world. It makes it much easier to not only webify Notes databases, but also make them available via your cell phone and pad browser. It's a scripting language for generating html, and it can also run in the Notes client.

This means that the users can get the same user interface both in the client, as well as in the browser.

The session was a good run through of the possibilities in the language, and I won a book for my question about creating your own design templates.

That's Xpages biggest weakness. If you want to keep your company web-design, it's pretty difficult to do, but not impossible.

JMP202: Extending IBM Connections to Build an Exceptional Learning Platform
IBM Connections is something we are in the process of introducing at my company. Connections is a social collaboration platform for companies. An internal Facebook for businesses, if you will. It has news feeds, communities (like Facebook groups) where you can have discussions, wikis, blogs and such. And you can share files, which are tagged, so that you can search for them without worrying about where they are located.

This was a great session, especially for me as I am responsible for training at my company. They demonstrated how they could extend Connections to have a learning platform where they could create classes and courses, with milestones, feedback and grading.

After the session I talked to the speakers and they will assist me in setting this up in my job.

JMP102: Extending Your App Arsenal With OpenSocial
OpenSocial is an API used by IBM, Google, MySpace and several other companies for allowing untrusted and partially trusted components from third parties to run in an existing web application.

The speakers presented several tools and widgets that you can combine into IBM Connections, IBM Notes, Inotes (webmail) and other web based solutions.

It's also great for getting IBM Notes, Connections, Sametime and INotes to communicate. Not only did they get data from external sources and put them into Connections, they also fetched data from Connections and presented it in external applications.

I see lots of opportunities for my company with tools like this.

JMP103: Get the Jump on Mobilizing Your IBM Notes and Domino Applications Today!
This was a session where they showed us how to create IBM Notes applications that can be accessed from Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone, Android and other similar devices.

Unfortunately this was mostly a session where they showed us step by step what they were doing, and I'm more of a learning-by-doing guy. So I left before the session was over.

They were really good at what they were doing, though, so I will download the presentation and follow the steps myself.

Beach party
And with that, a full day of sessions was over. In the evening we attended the traditional beach party at the artificial beach that is located between the Dolpin and Swan hotels.

I met friends from the Domino community that I only see once a year, and had a really good time.

In addition I by pure chance met two guys whom I had lunch with last year. Back then we just shared a table during lunch, and we got to talking for quite a long time. We both couldn't believe it that the very same thing happened during the party. They just sat down, and we all looked at each other and said: “It's you!”

I also struck up a conversation with very charming young woman from IBM in New York. You meet lots of different people and you learn just as much by socializing as going to sessions, I think.

At the end of the evening I finally found the Norwegian gang and we went to Jelly Rolls. A bar with dueling pianists. More beer were consumed, and I staggered home around eleven, in a vain attempt to get some more sleep.
And the conference hasn't started for real yet…


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