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IBM Connect 2013 Day 2

2013-01-31 12:24:57    |    Blog

I don't know what it is, but this time over here in the US I just can't get much sleep. After five hours I just wake up, and I'm not able to drift back into Neverland.

Since it got very late last night I decided to take a day off from working out. Not sure if that was wise or not since I was incredibly tired during the day. On to the sessions:

BP208: XPages Blast
A fast paced session where you were given loads of tips on how to do Xpages. There were tips for us newbies, as well as tips for the seasoned developers. The best session I attended yesterday.

AD104: IBM Connections Activity Stream Integration
I was really looking forward to this session as it was about how you can integrate the activity stream from IBM Connections into other applications and solutions, and also how you can post from other solutions into your activity streams.

Unfortunately the session was mostly fiddling about in XML-settings and various files, so I didn't get much out of it. I've downloaded the slides and they were much more useful when reading through them on my own.

AD105: Customizing and Extending IBM Connections
Another session that didn't do much for me. I got some good pointers to where I can read myself up on this, though, so it wasn't totally in vain.

And I also understood that we really should get a development and test server for our Connection solutions up and running as soon as possible.

AD206: IBM Lotus Domino XPages: Embrace, Extend, Integrate
How to use Iwidgets and Open Social gadgets so you can integrate IBM Notes, Inotes, IBM Connections and other solutions and systems via Social Enabler and REST API calls.

I see a lot of opportunities for our company here, and I can't wait to try them out once we are up and running with Connections. It won't be in the immediate future, though.

AD212: Whats New in IBM Lotus Notes Widgets and LiveText: Linking Your Data to the World!
I'm a widget fanatic, so I knew quite a lot of what they showed. They did however utilize the Open Social Widgets that are available in Notes 9, and that was a real eye opener.

I got even more ideas for widgets at our company, and I was thrilled to see that I will now be also able to offer Widgets for our users who only use Inotes, and not the Notes client. Cool!

By now I was dead tired and worn out, so I found a couch and slept for a while. On my way to see a session on how to build mobile applications with Xpages, my boss suggested I should take the rest of the day off.

We agreed that mobile applications are still something we probably won't be looking at until next year, so I could just wait until then to attend such a lecture.

So I went to the hotel, shaved, blogged and walked over to the Dolphin hotel to meet a salesperson from Panagenda. I've been looking for a tool on how to administer our notes client in a much more efficient way than what we do today, and the Marvel Client from Panagenda looks really nice.

We agreed that I will be given a trial version which I will test. The client doesn't just analyze the notes installations, it also analyzes a user's computer, so that you have even more data when you make decisions on what to do with problems on the users Notes installation. And it fully supports Noes 9!

In the evening it was time for the annual IBM Nordic dinner. We went to Downtown Disney and took in a dinner with a lousy entrée, a really good main course and a lousy dessert. The drinks were free though, and I got me a few mugs of Sam Adams.

I was sensible, though and turned in early, with the plans to meet up with a very charming girl the next day. Yeah, that sure made it easier to fall asleep…


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